Project Voice


Project Voice empowers patients to build a more fruitful patient-doctor relationship by giving them a voice. It puts you – the patient – in the center of the healthcare conversation, to understand your diagnosis, talk to others and manage your health.

Project Voice connects the latest in digital health technology to the specific needs of patients with Peripheral Artery Disease. Collaborations plus this all-in-one tool will enable more patient-centered care, empower patients, promote share decisions and improve research.

The Voice of the Patient

Peripheral Artery Disease is one of the most disabling of vascular diseases and the patient is the best source of important information. It is critical to consistently and systematically capture the changes in pain, mobility, and quality of life that the patient experiences in between visits to the doctor. This is information that cannot be measured by a lab test or scan. Yet the voice of the patient has been missing. Project Voice finally fills the gap.

Cell Phone with App

About Vascular Cures

Project Voice was created by Vascular Cures, the only national non-profit representing the millions of patients with vascular disease. We have a 30 year track record developing new ways to prevent, predict and treat vascular disease.

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