Message from the CEO

Wendy2For 13 years, seizures caused by a vascular problem in my brain forced major changes in my life as a young wife and mother of two small children. I also saw the obstacles that prevented new treatments getting to suffering patients while I spent 20 years working for medical device companies. I joined Vascular Cures because its work speeds the process of developing advances in medicine that can prevent disability and death.

Vascular Cures has been committed to transforming medicine by investing in innovative doctors and breakthrough research for more than 30 years. We have created collaborative communities of surgeon-scientists, healthcare systems, corporate America and other interested parties to remove territorial barriers and speed the advancement of new treatments. We invest in new ways of doing research, not just research itself.

We also keep our focus on patients. Knowing the impact patients can have on their own health, we pioneered Project Voice in 2016. It gives them a better way to report patient-reported outcomes, increase their engagement with healthy activities and provide valuable research data that can lead to better treatments.

Despite the enormous growing incidence of vascular disease, more than 200 million people worldwide suffer from some abnormality of their blood vessels, Vascular Cures is the only non-profit focused exclusively on finding new cures and treatments. We take our mission seriously and use our resources wisely. Still, we cannot do the work alone.

I invite you to spend some time on our website to learn about our efforts to prevent the terrible impact of vascular disease, and hear the stories of patients and learn how you can help. Please feel free to contact us at to share your stories, or if you have suggestions or questions.

Best Regards,

Wendy R. Hitchcock