Vascular Cures envisions a day when everyone enjoys good vascular health. We are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy vascular health – the crucial highways of the body that make every breath and heartbeat count.

Until then, we are dedicated to reducing pain, disability and death from these all-too-common diseases. We are the only non-profit representing the millions of patients with vascular diseases outside the heart.



Did you know?
Vascular disease is a risk for everyone
Lifestyles, diabetes and aging bodies have caused huge increases in vascular diseases. Women and men are equally at risk, and atherosclerosis can begin in adolescence. PAD diagnoses alone increased 25% since 2000, affecting an estimated 200 million people worldwide.


Vascular disease is expensive
These are often chronic diseases with frequent complications. For example, more than $21 Billion is spent on PAD-related hospitalizations in the US alone, and the costs of care continue to skyrocket.


Vascular disease is debilitating

Quality of life is important for us and our loved ones. Vascular disease can cause devastating, disabling results.


Our mission is to innovate patient-centered research, catalyze breakthrough
collaborations and empower people in their vascular health journey.


For more than 30 years, we have done this by:
    • Creating a pipeline of innovators – supporting the careers of promising young doctors who combine patient care with breakthrough research to develop cures
    • Creating collaborations, instead of competition, that accelerate new treatments by maximizing resources and sharing research ideas
    • Empowering patients through education, building community and digital health tools

Vascular Cures is a 501(c)(3) organization; ID #94-2825216. For 990 forms and financial information click here.