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Major Donors 2015/2016

Anonymous (2) (multi-year pledge)

Up to $500,000
Society for Vascular Surgery (multi-year pledge)

Up to $75,000
Harvey L. Sorensen and Maud C. Sorensen Foundation (multi-year pledge)

Up to $25,000
Terri Bullock
Janelle and Michael Grimes
Khachaturian Foundation
Martin J. Ruddy
Laurence and Sue Spitters

Up to $10,000
Au Family Foundation
Binkley Foundation
Henry Bullock
Dr. Timothy Chuter and Dr. Jade Hiramoto
Nanette L. Miller
Zeke and Ania Navar
Peter Quick
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Linda Stoney

Up to $1,000
Mr. Russell Cox
Ed and Karen Yu
Eric J. Hall and Deborah Doyle
Harriet Cox
Mike and Becky Garvey
Steve Cole and Melinda Howell
Dr. Albert and Mrs. Shirley Hall
Christopher and Betty Peacock
Henry T. Postel
Thomas and Nancy Jacobus
Bruce and Diane Hanger
Dirk Schenkkan and Patsi Sinott
Megan Williams
Nancy and Howard Bott
Richard D. and Lil Fulmer
Steven D. Hamburger and Judy Ann Steensland
Wende Hutton

Up to $1,000
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Lavenson Jr.
Elizabeth and Randall Thwing
Joe and Stacy McAleer
Mark and Rosanne Stoney
Mark and Rosanne Walsh
Paul S. Street
Walter and Mary Alice Kowalewski
Mary Quarles
Jerry Millhon
Kim and Steve Harrington
Mark and Diane Cassanego
Roger and Karen Rutan
Jill Himelfarb and GWA Girls
Carol S. Miyachi
Catherine and Ted Bonetti
David and Linda Duncan
Dr. Joseph H. Rapp and Dr. Kathryn Rouine-Rapp
Dr. Richard and Mrs. Margrit Lynn
Esther Pena
Helene Cohen and Joe Rudberg
Holly Weber
Janice Garcia
Janine A. DeBeradinis
Jeff and Mindi Bartee
Jim and Luann Hauck
Karen Jarvis
Kieran King
Marvin D. Fisher
Michael and Carolyn Shigemura
Nancy Keuch Rosa and Marco Rosa
Patricia Yustein/ARC of Rockland – Family Services/Day Habitation
Paul Ruby
Paul Smith and Claudia Periera
Richard and Jane Watkins
Robert and Kathleen Rupinski
Ron and Rosey Bartee and Family
Sharon Wolfe
Shirley Loube
Susan Vigo
Vernon and Kathy Peck
William and Jane Sikes
Tom Schick
Good St.
Berkeley and Carole Smith
Valerie Ulrich

Up to $1,000
Wood Group Mustang, Inc.
Catherine C. Cheney
David and Tammy Sexton
Deb Doyle
George Panellis
Gordon Feinblatt LLC
Hank and Sharron Crawford
Kirk Wright
Leo and Florence Helzel
Lillian Dunleavy
Melody Magin
Michelle Smith and Family
Nancy Joyce
Ron and Janie Veach
Stephen and Diane Michelin
Susan Salowitz
Suzy and Mark Spitz
Tina and David Mullins
Julie Franzone
Douglas and Patricia Iveson
Marilyn and Jeff Dehring
Marion Hango
Alicia Lopez
Carol and Howie Swingle
Donna Lesser
Doreen and Steven Hamel
Dr. Burton and Mrs. Kathleen Baker
Janet Waters and Tim McCoig
Kathleen Michelin
Kearney and Leslie Martins
Peter DAuria
Rick and Sue Rees
Rob Rieger
Rosemary Polo
Terry and Nancy Newnam
The Platt Family
Kenneth and La Vern Berg
Louisa DeFilippi and Robert Salyers
Patrick A. Butler
Raymond J. Leaver