Steve - Peripheral Artery Disease

steve_cropped Steve avoided surgery to relieve leg pain from PAD by following a walking regimen...

My first doctor recommended bypass surgery. I got a second opinion and he told me ‘I really can’t improve your quality of life with surgery. What you need to do is start walking.’  I started walking, and I got up to 2-3 miles in a day. That’s not to say I wasn’t experiencing pain along the way at different times, but the more I walked the better my circulation became. Fast forward to today –  8 years later - I am 72, and I’m quite active. I no longer have pain in my lower legs. And the need for surgery at this present time is not there”.


Doug - PAD Patient & Project Voice Participant

 PAD Patient Doug

Doug was forced into early retirement with severe PAD and had seven leg stents and bypass  surgery.  Years later, he joined the first study of Project Voice at Wake Forest. “Project Voice brought me a lot. I was probably too lazy to exercise on my own, but Project Voice challenged me to do it and I wanted to do well with it. I didn’t realize that I was also teaching myself along the way, something that gave me self-confidence. I got to learn more about my disease than anyone else had taught me. If I panicked or had an uneasy feeling, I had a resource I could look at immediately. “


Bonnie - Peripheral Artery Disease


Alane - Peripheral Artery Disease


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