For more than 30 years, Vascular Cures has invested in people and the development of breakthrough treatments for vascular disease. We design programs that speed the process of getting results to patients through collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • We achieve results. We fund research that advances cures and treatments for vascular patients. Our achievements include medical device technology, adult stem cell research to grow new blood vessels, and identifying a gene variation that improves healing by 250%. Wylie Scholars are improving methods to leverage patient-reported outcomes, uncovering the relationship between PAD and diabetes, and understanding the biochemistry that causes an artery to grow into a collateral vessel.
  • We multiply your investment. Vascular Cures’ initial research investment of $8 million has enabled another $42 million in funding – producing $50 million for research. For each $150,000 granted, the Wylie Scholars report an additional $2.4 million in subsequent national research funding, a 16:1 return on investment.
  • We have the best team. We have attracted extraordinary world-class experts to our Advisory Board, who provide active leadership in multiple disciplines. Their involvement is a testament to their belief in the immense potential of our projects and their urgency. Our Board of Directors includes highly accomplished leaders in healthcare, business, and medicine.
  • We support the next generation of innovators. Through the Wylie Scholar program, Vascular Cures provides three year career development grants. Most of the recipients have gone on to become chiefs at major academic centers across North America.